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Long Distance Relationship: The Unsuspected Advantages

With globalization (and low-cost flights!) we have never been so confronted with Long Distance Relationship, whether it’s because of your studies in Canada or this superb job opportunity in London. If you also know the joys of Skype evenings and are unbeatable on time zones, this message is for you!

Admittedly, it doesn’t have to be a house party every night, but there are still a DilMil lot of advantages to being alone when you’re in a relationship.

The Daily – Long Distance Relationship

– No need to look beautiful every day . It is also possible to keep your clothes after the sport. Odors do not pass over the phone or the internet, we remind you.

– You don’t have to come up with phony excuses to skip parties with friends.

– You can choose your vacation spots without it ending in a fight.


– Your ideal TV program is up to you. No more long moments of solitude watching the agony of figure skating or the OM/PSG match on TV. Long live The Voice or GTA guilty parties !

– You learn to please yourself. You can eat foods whose qualities you are the only one to appreciate (pudding, “Marmite”, and ginger, for example…).


– You don’t need to manage your in-laws. Step-dads…(what)? Not know…

– Without complex, your apartment is a happy mess ( and no one knows it !). Nobody to judge you, not even your mother-in-law!


– Your reunion is like fine wine, the longer you wait, the better!

– By dint of holding back, it’s as if you were preparing to perform, on the day of the reunion, a hard version of the Paris marathon…

Long Distance Relationship The Unsuspected Advantages

Skype, Emails and Sms – Long Distance Relationship

– You learn, at the school of patience, the concept of “waiting” for an email or text message response. Your Skype meetings become magical moments and you find yourself singing Like a prayer by Madonna so that the phone rings: ” When you call my name, it’s like a little prayer, I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there ”.

– You become photogenic (or a good talk show client if you prefer) by going on Skype every night, like Laurent Delahousse or Claire Chazal.

– You become a cybersex pro. Yes, who would have thought that one DilMil.Co could become a Kubrick of the webcam or a sound engineer of erotic film with the long distance calls ?

– You become a specialist in literary writing since each comma or character is important… Flaubert, it’s you.

Psychology – Long Distance Relationship

– Your partner is even more idealized because your brain operates the process of “crystallization of love” as Stendhal would say. That is to say, you no longer see your lover except in their qualities, hiding their faults… Practical!

– You sleep better . And that is priceless ! No need to tug on the duvet or sheets, set a double alarm clock, or strain to do so when he (or she) feels like it.

During the first date or even at the beginning of a relationship, we want to discover the other, to get to know him and to be transparent by telling him all our secrets. But yielding to the burning desire to reveal himself entirely to our crush when he wants to know everything, is not an obligation. We can decide to keep a secret garden by not answering (or not right away anyway) questions that bother us or make us uncomfortable.

This is a burning question. Understandable curiosity (but which does not lead to much), it is nevertheless indiscreet. Indeed, the number of our previous partners – one or sixty-two – has no influence on the relationship we are about to begin. Our new lover therefore does not need to know this crisp part of our past. Not to mention that the answer may not please the author of the question, and that we neither want nor need to start an argument or hear their reproaches. What we did before is up to us. And no matter what he/she thinks, our sexual freedom belongs to us!

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Questions about our health are delicate. Sometimes the other realizes that every day at the same time, we swallow a small pill and that it is not about contraception. If he is worried and attentive (and it’s very cute), it is not always easy to admit that we are being treated for depression or that we are diabetic. We are therefore fully entitled not to reveal our little worries immediately.

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