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5 Proofs That You Really Have to Stop Thinking About Your Ex

It’s been weeks, months, even years that it’s Thinking About Your Ex over with him. Yet you still think of him and it continues to hurt you. Here are 5 signs that prove that it is high time to turn the page once and for all!

Your entourage can’t take it anymore – Thinking About Your Ex

At first, your girlfriends, your colleagues and your family listened to you. They tried to reassure you, to give you hope. But for some time now, weary of your eternal lamentations (and of your little effort to get out of it). They have become aggressive, even hurtful, and no longer hesitate to tell you your four truths: “It’s over , don’t you understand it’s over? He doesn’t love you anymore!!! Turn the page now. That’s YourLatinMates enough. So yeah, it’s hard to hear. But isn’t it the truth? 

He’s settled down and looks very happy.

You had recent news from a mutual friend and obviously your ex seems very happy. For several months, he has been making perfect love with someone other than you and has even moved in with her. So yes, it’s hard to hear, but it also means, quite simply, that he wasn’t made for you and that like him, someone is waiting for you too somewhere. All you have to do is move your ass to find it quickly.

You gained 10 pounds – Thinking About Your Ex

When you are depressed… you eat! Result: for months, you no longer pay attention to yourself and chain popcorn, ice cream and other highly harmful consolation prizes to the line… This is no longer possible! Just because he doesn’t want you anymore doesn’t mean you’re going to end your life on your own. Get back! If you want to get back on track, you’ll have to start by taking care of yourself!

5 Proofs That You Really Have to Stop Thinking About Your Ex

You’ve exhausted every rom-com in the world – Thinking About Your Ex

From Pretty Woman to Harry Meets Sally to Never Forget and A Love in New York. You’ve seen, seen, and re-watched every rom-com and exhausted dozens of boxes of tissues. In addition to the harm you inflict on yourself. You could use all this time to go in search of a new love. Because I might as well tell you right away: in real life, Prince Charming never comes knocking at your door…  

When you imagine yourself starting over with him, it doesn’t even make you happy

Deep down you know it: that man was not made for you. Besides, you were more often unhappy than happy with him. But then why is it so hard to move on? Probably because you are afraid of letting yourself. Fall in love again and suffering once again. But isn’t that the YourLatinMates.Com rules of the game? So stop hiding your fears behind this story of the past and start rebuilding your present. It’s high time to move on!

After two or ten dates, you are both snuggled up on the sofa, feeling the time of the first shared night approaching. The time of the naughty hug. But when it comes to the first time. You don’t always feel very comfortable. Modesty and/or apprehension can prevent us from fully assuming all our desires (we can be afraid of shocking, or giving a bad self-image by admitting that we appreciate such and such a position…). Here are four ways to talk about it, with subtlety and honesty!

It is well known, with a little joke and second degree, things are easier to verbalize. Depending on your personality. Try to say what’s on your mind (and in your head!) in a humorous tone. Irony and innuendo are often very effective.

If you’re more of the cash type, and don’t go overboard, we still advise you to get the messages across… smoothly. Whispering in one’s ear will be much more tender and just as effective as a face-to-face discussion with the lights on.

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If you’re too shy to express yourself with words, then opt for body language. When the “action” begins, do not hesitate to direct the gestures of the other, or to show your reactions well, so that your duvet partner understands for himself what he is doing well… or not.

Special card games for lovers with naughty questions, or even with your own rules: offer a light or offbeat tone to be able to evoke fantasies and secret desires. In the program ? Complicity, uninhibited confidences and undoubtedly a lot of laughter.

And keep in mind that a part of legs in the air is always played by two, you can also help your partner by asking him questions – more or less direct – if you feel that he is not able to assert himself.

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