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How to Prepare For A Last Minute Date?

The handsome Nicolas / the charming Stéphanie, A Last Minute Date with whom you have been chatting for several weeks, has finally decided to give you a little time to go and drink the promised drink. Only here he/she seems to be spontaneous and saw fit to text you at 5:28 p.m., setting you a date at 7 p.m. Free, you are. Ready, on the other hand… much less. But there’s no question of missing out on this improvised date on pain of not being shaved (guys)/waxed (girls).
Spontaneity, sometimes, is good… For the rest, here are some tips.

I’m ready, don’t worry

Women’s side

It’s not (just) a legend: girls need time to prepare. Choice of outfit, beauty (and little details that guys are far from imagining)… Be careful, it’s not about superficiality, it’s just that they like to show off to play this little pleasant game of seduction! So, nothing scarier than telling a woman at the last minute. But luckily, every girl always has a small kit with her, in which she has slipped her essentials, to be precisely prepared for any situation. Lipstick, deodorant, mascara… everyone has their little habits to feel on top. Because that is the SharekAlomre main thing: more than a studied preparation, it is your ease that will do everything. And don’t forget: your best smile will still be your greatest asset.

Men’s side

No touch-up mascara needed for these gentlemen. On the other hand, they will have to check if their shirt is well ironed and their collar well buttoned, for example. And why not (re)perfumer (women often have a very developed sense of smell and are sensitive to male perfumes). For the rest: relaxation, soft eyes and a gentlemanly attitude will do the trick.

For the most shy, the last minute appointment is finally a perfect opportunity not to have time to stress by asking too many questions. Adrenaline and the excitement of meeting a new person: yes, the stress that gives rise to plaques

How to Prepare For A Last Minute Date

Whether it’s been a month or a year that you’ve been together, this summer, it’s decided, you’re spending the holidays together. And it will be a first! A moment always eagerly awaited for a young couple. Whether you don’t know everything about each other yet or you know each other inside out, this “step” will always reveal little surprises. To prevent the dream vacation that is looming from turning into a nightmare, pick from these little tips.

The choice of destination : A Last Minute Date

of course, the holidays are considered upstream and the “preparation” stage is undoubtedly the most important. It is at this moment that it is absolutely necessary to speak to each other freely and to affirm its desires. Already on the destination, of course. It’s not worth following the other to the beach if you hate the sun and you’re more of a hike in the mountains. It must be said ! And decide together on a place that will enchant both. Same for housing: if you can’t stand communal SharekAlomre.Com showers, you don’t go camping. No need to pretend to be roots when we have the soul of a princess.

Do not hesitate to address the question of the budget. Even if the subject of money is always a little taboo, it must be defused, precisely so as not to have unpleasant surprises, or not that one of the two feels embarrassed if you do not have the same means / the same way of spending.

The preparation of the suitcases : the personalities are revealed when it comes to packing the travel bag! While some travel light (3 underpants / 2 white T-shirts often do the trick for these gentlemen), others are unable to make a choice (evening dress or bubble skirt? Well, both). The best thing to do is still to prepare your bag separately to avoid use less discussions (everyone is old enough to decide what they need, which reassures them…).

On the beach : A Last Minute Date

a survey has shown that, on vacation, couple crises generally appear on the beach , jealousy obliges. Indeed, so many naked bodies walking around, it sometimes makes the eyes wander… However, know how to put things into perspective. Lightness and bikinis are necessarily part of the program. And even if your partner’s eyes are drawn to the next towel, that doesn’t mean he wants to leave you (it just means he’s not blind).

Going out : yes, we are on vacation, and yes we want to take advantage of the long, warm summer evenings to party. Be careful not to let yourself go too much. With others anyway… Because like at the beach, jealousy lurks in the summer nights . Instead, take the opportunity to dance tightly together in love and rekindle the flame of the beginnings of seduction…

At the hotel / caravan / apartment : A Last Minute Date

the rules are the same as at home regarding the logistics of your ephemeral “home”. That is to say, the excuse: ” Oh, it’s ok, it’s the holidays!” won’t stop anyone from taking out the trash and drying out their jersey rather than letting it rot in a ball in the bag.

During the day : being together 24 hours a day can sometimes be oppressive, especially if we don’t always have the same desires/tastes. While the Jeff Koons expo may get you excited, your partner might prefer to go shell-collecting. Keeping activities to do alone can therefore be a good solution. Also, blowing a little away from each other for an hour or two is sometimes good.

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In bed: if there is one area on which the holidays make everyone agree, it’s sex! Morning, noon, evening… we don’t look at the time, we are neither in a hurry nor stressed (and that’s rare). It’s the perfect opportunity to break a possible routine or in any case to test new experiences, make love in unusual places , and take full advantage of your two hot bodies.

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