How Do You Know If You Fall in Love?

Uncertainty is one of those emotions that Fall in Love accompany us in life. It makes itself known, among others when we are faced with a difficult choice. The moment we want to decide if someone is important enough to us to build a relationship together. Each of us can perceive our feelings completely differently. As always, I will share with you the emotions I feel towards my beloved. Perhaps you feel like me, or maybe completely different. Before we discuss it in the text below, I invite you to read. Today we will consider how to check if your emotions prove that it is love.

Is it enough to like someone to fall in love?

Certainly not. In my life I have met many girls with whom, apart from friendship, nothing else connected us. Personally, I didn’t feel any emotions that would make me wonder if I was in love. I would just help if I was needed, and I could get up in the middle of the night to be there when needed. Despite this, I never felt anything more than a desire to be with people who were or are important to me.

Among my friends there are a few who are in love and some who have been hurt by men capable of harming them. We can always count on each other, talk to each other and help each other, which has never resulted in any rapprochement. Unless we’re talking about drinking a drink from one glass, but that’s something else (smile on the face). Despite this, we cheer each other on ideas, successes and relationships. If you feel it just like that, naturally, and most of all sincerely, it’s love.

Caring in friendship and relationship Fall in Love

Even though I have had mutual protection with my friends, it was completely different from my relationship. When you’re in love, the urge to care for another person is more instinctive. As a man, I feel responsible for making my beloved feel safe and comfortable with me. Awareness of her trust and peace in my arms is the priority of our relationship . Nothing is more important when she is sad, afraid or in need of help. As a man, I have to keep my head and rise to the occasion to solve her problem.

It doesn’t matter if her problem is trivial or requires a lot of effort. I am then the one whose purpose is to solve the aforementioned problem. Although the same is not required at the beginning of the relationship, with time, deep down, it is hoped that the other person will show the right DilMil direction or comfort, even if he or she has no idea. Ultimately, we both feel obligated to support and help each other, even at the cost of our own interests or responsibilities . You can assume it’s love if that’s what your relationship is like.

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The need for closeness – Fall in Love

Each of us has our own affairs, responsibilities and lives . We both devote ourselves to our passions separately, sometimes without understanding why a given field is interesting for a loved one. Despite this, we respect the decision to spend time for something other than a day together. It is understandable that apart from us, there are other activities and interests in the life of a loved one.

However, there is no need to hide that closeness is important in a relationship with a loved one. There is no obligation to spend every weekend, day or evening together. Even so, remember that even if you personally do not need to be with the other person that often, you should be aware of this need of a loved one. The need to spend time together is an irrefutable proof that you love someone. If you don’t want to spend time together making excuses, I’m afraid more than sure it’s not love. With your loved one, you want to spend time together, not separately. It’s love if you enjoy spending time together and can’t wait for the next opportunity to spend time together.

You are only for yourself

When sometimes you don’t need to spend time with anyone else but that one person, it’s probably love. You notice that the other half approaches you in a similar way. Are just self-sufficient for yourself. You feel that sex with you is reserved only for a loved one, and you only enjoy surprises from that particular person. Likewise, it is only for this one person that you want to make surprises and watch him enjoy them. If that’s how you look at the other person, it’s probably love.

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You laugh at common jokes

It’s obvious that you can come up with a joke for the right situation. Each moment together is an opportunity to have fun and make each other laugh. In addition, you can make yourself laugh, and in crisis situations, one improves the mood of the other. Even in spite of the joint years, you can laugh without any problems. I know from experience that not always when joking together is confirmed in love.

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