How to Get a Love One Back

Probably there is no person who, How to Get a Love after a breakup, has never asked himself the question of how to get a guy, girl or just an ex back.

Although I’m one of those people who thinks that relationships shouldn’t be spoiled in the first place , I know you can’t always do that. In theory, everyone is smart and penetrating, but where emotions are heard, they can make the worst mistakes. That is why I dedicate this text to people How to Get a Love who made these mistakes, and now they have noticed how much the other person meant to them and want to get it back.

Is it worth trying to regain someone else’s feelings?

It’s not the question of how to get someone back the first you need to ask, but whether it’s worth doing it. I know right now that a desperate voice in your head is calling, “Sure you do!” The problem is that parting is the moment when rational thinking opens a bottle of vodka and drinks it like the Russians on

When you lose what you thought was a permanent fixture in your life, you feel a painful void. Emotions start to boil over you. Nothing makes you happy, because suddenly the previous situation seems to be perfect.

Let me explain it to you by losing a phone as an example. A smartphone is a simple device, even smaller than a chihuahua. It accompanies you from morning to evening and you do not attach much importance to it. However, if you lose it, you suddenly start to appreciate it. You realize that all your contacts, passwords and photos were in it. Using it has been such an established habit How to Get a Love that you will still be reaching for it unconsciously. At the same time, all other smartphones will seem worse. They will be too heavy or too light, too big or too small, or simply different. They are ordinary, that one was special because yours.

The same thing happens when you break up with someone who has been part of your life. Only it’s ten times stronger. Immediately after the breakup, you start to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of the person you were in a relationship with, and at the same time start to notice their advantages. Your memories flicker before your eyes, but they are accompanied by the depressing inscription “Never again!” Even the people you thought were attractive before the breakup stop being so now. Only now do you see clearly that they are alien. The closest person has been erased from the map of your world, and in their place there is a void filled with regret.

When it feels like this, it’s easy to forget that the breakup was no coincidence. However, the way you look at your relationship now is not a sober look – it is going to the next extreme.

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A breakup does not erase flaws and you must take that into account!

Just because you don’t remember your partner’s flaws now doesn’t mean they weren’t there. If you previously felt stifled, misunderstood, lonely or limited in your relationship, YourLatinMates your current suffering does not change that.

Breakups are often the result of simply too much dividing you. You may have had completely different values, lifestyles and habits. Love will not overcome everything.

Finally, just because your ex-girlfriend or guy right now seems to be ideals that others don’t get on the heels of, doesn’t mean you won’t meet someone better. The most important feature of feelings is that they become outdated. They are important now, but not necessarily in the future.

Before you ask how to get your ex back, you have to accept the fact that it wasn’t a perfect relationship. Perfect relationships do not break up, and they certainly do not fall apart overnight. They degrade much sooner until they are so bad that breaking up becomes a good option. You also throw away the fish only after it starts to smell bad, but it starts to spoil much earlier.

Still fighting for this relationship seems like a good idea? If the answer is “Yes!” Then move on.

Be aware that going back to yourself is a long process – How to Get a Love

If you are reading this text while having a cup of coffee with you, then have a coffee. Already? Now smash the cup on the floor. Look at these shells. This is the condition of your relationship. Will you feel like sticking these shells together? If it was your favorite mug or special How to Get a Love one for some memories, then you might run for glue. But you can’t expect someone to deserve these shells to be glued. Maybe it’s better to buy a new mug?

The answer to the question “How can I regain my feelings?” Is always “Not easy.” I’m not saying this to get you down. I do this because before you do something, you need to know what your job is.

The good news is that if you remember how you are feeling, you can almost be sure that the other person is feeling the same. From an emotional point of view, in breakups, it doesn’t matter who left whom, because when they break up, both people lose something important. Without the people we’ve lived with, our lives are more empty, more difficult, and less stable. 99% of the time, the other person also asks himself if it was a good decision.

It works to your advantage, but the shells of your shattered feelings are fragile. To glue them together, you have to do it in the right way.

First, stop wreaking havoc – How to Get a Love

Let’s go back to the mug example. When you break something, you intuitively stand still. Then you wring your hands and assess the extent of the damage. How far did the debris fly? How many are there? What should you do now? Which way to get the brush?

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If you start running in panic it will only make things worse. You will crush the shells turning them into small pieces, lose them or hurt yourself.

Reasonable, right? In the case of mugs, yes. For humans, most people do the opposite. They experience such strong emotions that they do not give themselves a moment to assess the situation. Instead, as King Julian exclaims, “Let’s act before we realize it doesn’t make sense!”

In fact, anything you do  right after you break up is likely to make your situation worse.

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