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The Blame For Relation Being Treated Badly by Someone

Usually the question: “How are you doing?” Blame For Relation it brings up responses that are as exciting as the thought of scrubbing the toilet bowl after work. Sometimes, however, there are flavors. For example, to this day I remember a situation in which my friend, in response to this question, said:
– Come on!

This simple statement triggered a series of union-related outbursts. It was then that she was meeting a guest from a neighboring company (a different floor, the same elevator), but she didn’t really know where she was standing. Sometimes they went on dates. There have been SharekAlomre.com times when you think, “Wow! But we got closer to each other. ” Then he withdrew. Every once in a while he would throw her sweet as candy words: “I missed you”, “I wish you were here” and “I have to take you here.” However, he did not take away, because there were always extra orders at work, other activities, and eventually the reproach: “I thought you were different.”

It activated the scanner in her, which she used to go through all her messages, meetings and her behavior, because it must be her fault. After all, there must be an explanation on her side. Where did she go wrong? Why is he treating her like that? What could she have done differently? She was constantly looking for the guilt within herself, because although guilt makes you refuse to live, the world is full of masochists who like to point out their mistakes at every opportunity.

This is how not only women behave. There are just as many men who allow themselves to be manipulated while sighing that “she is so complicated and unlike any other.” So they treat such situations as a challenge, but do not see that they behave as if they were trying to find a third, cipher bottom in a Pudelek article.

The truth is that 99% of the time in these situations, it’s not your fault, and the explanation for all of these behaviors is trivial. William Ockham invented them.

Ockham was a philosopher and monk at a time when both functions were not yet considered to be jobs for losers. The fact that he died during the plague epidemic in 1347 may add some flavor. Before he did so, however, he left behind a principle of thinking which he calls “Occam’s razor.” It says that when explaining phenomena, one should aim for simplicity and choose explanations Blame For Relation that are based on the fewest assumptions. In short, simpler is better.

If so, consider what reasons someone might have for treating SharekAlomre you badly, not finding time for you, or not wanting a relationship.

The Blame For Relation Being Treated Badly by Someone

The list includes explanations like:

1. He doesn’t have you somewhere
2. He doesn’t want a relationship
3. He’s a person with a lot of problems that he doesn’t even want to solve
4. He really loves you and wants you well, but he Blame For Relation doesn’t know how to show it because he is the human equivalent of Excalibur, waiting for the chosen one to pull him from the rock of loneliness.

Even if I didn’t want the latter to sound sarcastic, it would.

Culture and good upbringing told us that we must look for good in everyone. Logic suggests that people behave in a certain way because. They have a reason (but no one says aloud that sometimes. The reason is that they are irresponsible, bad, or harmful). The mix is ​​seasoned with various stories. That use the paradigm that the greater the challenge and problem to overcome, the greater the reward.

Yes, it does. Sometimes. However, usually a bigger challenge just means more wasted time.

Remember that scene from The Dark Knight where Alfred says that some people have no purpose and just want to see the world burn? He was right .

Often times you are not trying too little, either too hard or in the wrong way. It also happens that there will be people who will treat you badly, no matter what your efforts are, and when asked “Why?” They will only answer, “Because yes.”

And if, by a twist of fate, they also have the most beautiful smiles in the world, it still doesn’t change anything.

At such moments, there is nothing to discuss. Here you have to sit down and, even if you are afraid to hear explanations, say out loud: “Why are you doing this? Because I don’t like it at all.

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Love simplicity. Focus on facts instead of getting into Blame For Relation emotional confusion. Ask for an explanation, rather than looking for it on your own. Take people as they are without justifying them and without condemning yourself. Stop telling yourself that what is good requires a sacrifice. Because sorry, but a relationship, money, or hobby is not an Aztec priest. Who demands you bring a virgin.

I have been saying this since forever – if you want a simple life, do not look for difficult solutions . And if you lack challenges in your life, write an app, run a marathon or decide to introduce. The company to the stock exchange. You’ll get tired too, but you’ll see more effects along the way.

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