Many women who marry a foreigner initially set themselves the goal of marrying a foreigner, finding the right man . A real goal that they were willing to “work” towards. The common feature that unites these women is not a stunning appearance, impeccable command of foreign languages ​​or youth, but the determination and perseverance with which they went to achieve their goal . This means that at a certain period of their lives, they decided for themselves what they expect from the future and what kind of man they want to see next to them, in what country they want to live, and how they will achieve this.

Are you serious? – Marry a Foreigner

Here are just a few of the highlights for you:

  • you must set a clear goal – marriage with a foreigner- and work out an acceptable path for you to achieve this goal. Get ready for the fact that achieving your goal will require long-term and systematic “activities” : communication with men, checking mail and answering letters (several times a day), Skype meetings (without postponing “for later”), learning a foreign language, active participation in the organization of a real meeting with a man , search for information about marriage with a foreigner, moving to another country and the necessary documentation for this.
  • Uncertainty, fears and doubts should be excluded from your thoughts.
  • Forget about the stereotypes of behavior adopted in Eastern European countries and try to understand the mentality of foreign men.
  • Regularly visit an international dating site, com review send letters daily to new gentlemen you like.
  • Update photos in your profile on a dating site.
  • Start studying English (or if you decide for yourself that you want to meet a man from a particular country, study the language of that country). Good English skills will come in handy when communicating with men from different countries and will show your seriousness and determination. Believe me, many foreigners who want to get acquainted with a Slavic woman have come across representatives of the weaker sex who seem to want to marry a foreigner, but are full of contradictions and doubts: they don’t believe, they can’t decide, they don’t want to take risks, they are used to everyday life and LatinFeels don’t want to get out of your comfort zone.


Waste of time…Marry a Foreigner

Getting to know a worthy foreign man, not to mention marrying a foreigner, is difficult for all women who “do not believe in dating foreigners”, but still (for what purpose?) have been using international dating sites for years . If you do not believe in something, then you will not achieve your goal. On a subconscious level, you will do everything to repel men , make your profile unattractive to them, photos not memorable and not attracting attention, and letters uninteresting and superficial.

They will happily marry a foreigner, meet their man, those women. Who confidently go towards their goal, believe in the success of achieving. It, are sure that they can achieve it and are not afraid (not lazy) to make efforts to achieve it. Such women have a “plan of action”, are not afraid of bureaucratic. Formalities and are ready to overcome the difficulties that arise. These are purposeful, persistent, fearless, energetic and hardworking ladies. Those who doubt, demand guarantees and do not want to “risk”. Making efforts to fulfill their dreams, are doom to failure in advance.

Marriage With a Foreigner

In conclusion, we note one important feature of our time. Which, in turn, is a huge advantage for all women. Who want to meet and marry a foreigner. Thanks to the Internet, social networks, international dating sites. Residents of other countries have become “closer”, there are more opportunities to get to know each other. Communicate, see each other and be literally 24 hours in touch. Regardless of borders and distance. “Borders” in our time have taken on the form of internal obstacles.


The overcoming of which has become only a matter of personal motivation. And remember those times when not everyone had home Internet. In those (not too distant) times, when not every home had a computer and Internet access. Not to mention the widespread access to the Internet using a mobile device. Purposeful and persistent women, every day in an Internet cafe. Write letters daily, met new men who, convinced of the seriousness of their intentions. Came to meet them (despite the borders and distance). Such women, at all times, achieved their goal.

We have repeatedly noted that much is in your hands. You can easily look for reasons and excuses, find “excuse” in stereotypes of behavior. That will explain “passivity”, coldness, the need for. The gentleman to “languish” in anticipation of an answer. But only you can make a choice: wait, ” swim along flow” or begin to act and create your own destiny, give. The chance of meeting a worthy man to chance or start moving towards your goal. Continue to follow stereotypes of behavior or become the mistress of your life and do what you want.

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