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Searching for top caliber, instructed singles? In the event that you are, you will need to keep close by for our Elite Singles.com survey. The dating application professes to have the absolute savviest and most taught ladies and gentlemen on the singles scene. Be that as it may, is EliteSingles.com genuine?

To be completely straightforward, when we previously heard “ EliteSingles.com “, we figured it very well may be a confidential gathering of self-important individuals who were “excessively great and excessively tip top until the end of the world”. Fortunately, our folks showed us never to make hasty judgments based solely on appearances since we could never have been all the more off-base.

To find out precisely exact thing we learned, remain tuned for every one of the subtleties and the aftereffects of our EliteSingles.com audit! Or on the other hand in the event that you’re prepared to look at things for yourself, we’ve incorporated a free preliminary connection beneath to kick you off.


Is Elite Singles Legit? – The Bottom Line Upfront

Elite Singles  professes to be a dating application catered toward singles. Who are more settled throughout everyday life, have more elevated levels of instruction or high level preparation, and aren’t hoping to mess around.

Do they satisfy that case? We totally think so. On the off chance that you’re a solitary who makes insight and progress appealing, you will cherish EliteSingles.com Furthermore, while the “earnestness” of the dating isn’t exactly pretty much as in-your-face as you would find at a webpage like eHarmony, Elite Singles certainly inclines vigorously away from individuals who are hope to mess around or who adopt a flaky strategy to web based dating

With everything taken into account, we think EliteSingles.com is most certainly genuine and worth looking at. However long you’re not just chasing after easygoing hookups and you like brilliant and driven proficient singles, you’ll adore the site. In the event that you’re prepared to look at things, we’ve incorporated a connection to a free preliminary underneath to kick you off this moment. As the greatest platitude expression of all says, what are you sitting tight for?


Pros and Cons of EliteSingles.com


  • Hundreds of thousands of new singles joining every month (381,000+ based on past month averages)
  • 85% of members have some form of an above-average education or higher-level certification
  • Operates in the US, as well as 25+ other countries, in case you’re looking for something international
  • Recently partnered with CitySwoon to offer in-person and virtual speed dating events in select major cities
  • ‘Have you met’ feature, which is the site’s swipe-style dating upgrade.


  • Limited free trial; free users are unable to see photos of other members unless they upgrade
  • User interface is intuitive, but hasn’t been updated in a while
  • Higher price point than some less effective dating apps


Fast Facts About EliteSingles.com

Site Name: Elite Singles; EliteSingles; elitesingles.com

Paid or Free: Paid, Limited Free Trial

Average Sign Up Time: 15-20 Minutes

Paid Membership Pricing: Starting at $44.95 per month

Unique Elite Singles Facts and Figures:

  • 381,000+ new members every month
  • 85% of members hold an above-average education
  • 90%+ of members are over the age of 30


What is EliteSingles.com?

Elite Singles is an online dating company founded in 2009 by the German founders of the online dating site eDarling. The site is available through desktop, Google Play, and the iOS store. The main focus and driving force behind what Elite Singles is would be its focus on ‘elite’ dating.

In other words, the dating app heavily markets and targets singles who are established in their careers and have some form of above-average education or certification. Whether that be a college degree or advanced certifications in their respective fields, the singles on Elite Singles are ideal if you’re someone that finds education and learning attractive.

As a result of this, over 90% of the userbase is over the age of 30 making the EliteSingles.com site less of a great option for those in their early 20s but a stellar pick for anyone late 20s or older.


How does EliteSingles.com Work?

World class Singles deals with a customary web based dating webpage approach where you make a profile and can look through an index of other single’s profiles to find what you’re searching for. Clients are matched in view of their chose inclinations, their solutions to the onboarding survey, and the inclinations of different clients. Rather than some customary profile style dating applications where you need to do a ton of the work, First class Singles provides you with a smartest scenario imaginable sort circumstance.

Are there good, quality matches on this site? EliteSingles.com

In the event that anything was a homer during EliteSingles.com our Tip top Singles survey, it was 100 percent this class. It appears to be that their endeavors to get quality dating matches and dispose of the riff-raff and flaky people have been fruitful.

With respect to, the site flaunts a noteworthy 381,000 new individuals joining every month. This is as per 2018 information from the webpage, yet we envision the ongoing number isn’t far of or might be more with the development of web based dating throughout the course of recent years. What’s the significance here for you? There is no lack of value coordinates with World class Singles.

Besides the fact that First class Singles has a lot of new individuals, yet they’re quality matches. The site explicitly targets higher-taught people and pushes that it’s searching for individuals that “have it together.”

Does this imply that you can’t join the site in the event that you don’t have a higher education or portions of your life are flawed at this point? Obviously not!



The vast majority of us have things EliteSingles.com that we’re continuously dealing with improving so don’t let that be an impediment from joining this site. In all honesty, in the event that you need somebody who has things “to some degree more together than a large portion of the web based dating world” then, at that point, you would be senseless not to join this webpage.

There are no limitations on who can participate in that sense. The main explanation they bring up the insights about their individuals is on the grounds that a many individuals who are new to internet dating are frightened that nobody of value and substance at any point joins.

The EliteSingles.com site likewise expects that you finish up a total character profile and all of your profile data BEFORE they give you admittance to the matches. While this could appear to be disappointing to some of you, it ought to come as an invited sign.

The sign-up process EliteSingles.com

Requires around 15-20 minutes (contingent upon how speedy or slow you are with responding to numerous decision inquiries regarding yourself). At the point when we joined to finish our First class Singles survey, we needed to answer above and beyond 100 character inquiries during the character test. However, this was a couple of years prior. Presently, the Tip top Singles character test is altogether more limited, yet at the same time inside and out to the point of drawing in quality EliteSingles.com.

For what reason should this be an invited sign? EliteSingles.com It implies that anybody that endures to the matches is in all likelihood going to be not kidding about the dating system. You will see and coordinating with individuals that will devote an opportunity to the dating system. This implies they will be WAY less inclined to drop on you or simply leave their record for not a great explanation.

The main concern here is the nature of matches on this site is high, and the convergence of individuals is much higher. It’s difficult to beat what World class Singles has done here. For that, we give EliteSingles.com a simple 10 out of 10.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a person is on an online dating site?

In the online dating world, it is easy for people to cross boundaries and find what they are looking for. For example, there is an app called Tinder that uses a matchmaking algorithm to pair two potential users. The app allows you to swipe right if you match with someone or left if you don't. If a person swipes right on you, then they have in mind a couple of things they're in search of - a long-term relationship, sex, or just an easy going date.

What is the purpose of online dating sites?

Dating sites have been around for a long time and have been the cornerstone of online dating. We don't need to jump into the future to imagine what online dating will be like in a few years- we just need to look at where it is today.

The purpose of online dating sites can be found in the types of people attracted to this type of service, their use cases, and how they are changing our society. Online dating allows people from all walks of life to find each other and form meaningful relationships.

What are the benefits of online dating?

Online dating can be a great way to find your perfect mate. And online dating platforms are always evolving to provide the best possible experience for their users.

Online dating is booming in Canada, with more than 2 million singles signing up for various platforms each year. The trend continues to grow in the United States. However, there are some dangers associated with online dating that you should know about before agreeing to meet someone off of an app or website.

The benefits of online dating include the ability to connect with likeminded people who may not be local and spending time on your own terms without having social pressure on you while engaging in safe activities like chatting and flirting with potential partners.

Is EliteSingles is free?

Yes, Elite Singles is Free for trial version. Elite Singles is a great dating app and if you want to use it for free then you need to install the app on your phone after that you can get a trial version of the app. So this way you can use it for free.

How do I cancel a subscription on EliteSingles?

Once you have logged into your profile, please follow these steps:

Navigate to My Account via the menu and Membership.

Select the cancellation link Cancel.

Select your cancellation reason and click/tap Continue.

Enter your password and click/tap Confirm.

What can I get in the free trial on EliteSingles?

The following free features are available to basic members:

View your personality

Test results

Receive partner suggestions

Send smiles and likes

Upload photos.

Does elitesingles.com have fake profiles?

Elite Singles doesn't let you view profile photos without buying a subscription. Elite Singles has a modern-looking, clean website that is easy to navigate. This fake profile we created on Elite Singles for a woman seeking a man got 25 matches in 24 hours. Just 13 percent of those matches were 80 percent or higher.

Is there any refund process in EliteSingles?

Have you made a purchase in error? Are you unsure about a payment? Customer Support helps you. Receiving a Refund is easy; simply contact our Customer Care team. You can contact EliteSingles via the contact form which is available on the Help pages. EliteSingles support team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How do I Sign Up to EliteSingles?

Visit their website and fill out the registration form that can be found on their homepage. Once you have submitted the form and finished the personality test, your account is automatically activated.

How do I edit my EliteSingles profile?

If you want to edit your profile, simply go to your profile page and click on the pencil icon. This will allow you to edit the fields that can be edited. Once satisfied with your edits, simply click save. However, if you want to edit and change your display name, height, or age, contacts their customer support.

How to search my match on EliteSingles?

In EliteSingles, you can filter your match list by whose new, which uploaded a photo on their gallery, members you have been in contact with, people who are like you, and profiles you marked as favorite.

Can I change my password on EliteSingles?

Yes, you can change your password anytime you like.

To do that, go to your account settings and click the password field.

Input your password, confirm it, and save.


Note: (EliteSingles.com Review)

When you are browsing through the portal and it happens that the profile is behaving unknowingly with you or not respecting your privacy, report it to the higher authorities immediately. The higher authorities never believe in tolerating any sort of nuisance and disturbance to profiles. They will simply look into the matter and remove the profile forever so that the same table will not happen with anyone. Make sure to keep the portal safe and secure for everyone, and try to respect all the policies as well.

This portal comes up with the best facilities for all the users out there, and they can simply browse through the profiles of new people. All you need to do is just make up the profile and fill out all the details. After filling out all the details, you are all set to browse through the profile.


Website: www EliteSingles com

Phone Number: +1 (646) 760-2453

Address: 874 Walker Rd. Ste C, Dover,
Delaware, 19904, US

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Can't believe how bad and devious this site is

Can’t believe how bad and devious this site is. I was amazed at how fast I got a response. Loads of questions from pretty ladies wanting me to reply. Every time I replied money was flying out of my account! I was oblivious to how fast my money was flying out of my bank account! One of the few times I didn’t do my homework. Went straight to my bank and cancelled and blocked everything about this app! DON’T BE THAT FOOL!

It's full of hackers

This site is full of fake profiles and it sucks.. it don’t load right and cost money for you to get scammed by other sites… It’s full of hackers and scams.

Don't waste your time

Don’t waste your time or money on this site. We really need a site where people are vetted and backgrounds are performed.

Again, didn't feel safe

They cannot be responsible for what people post but their overall caliber of people is somewhat risky. They say one thing one time and something different next time. Never felt safe. When I tried to block someone it did not always work and if it did it took a few days. Again, didn’t feel safe.

Don't go near this site

Don’t go near this site. They reeled me in, then deducted 2 months of my already paid for subscription when I refused to renew my subscription. Now,, they have locked me out of my account, asserting my password is not good when it has been the one i’ve been using since the start. No where is there posted a phone number to contact them. They do not accept clearly written complaining emails without going through one of their “questions” being identified. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE

I can't even get into my account to cancel

I can’t even get into my account to cancel! I tried contacting them via phone, email, and fax and nobody responds.

I need to get a refund

I have yet to have a match in the same state as where I live and not one of their so called matches will reply to me.When I requested a refund I received a runaround and still don’t have the information I need to get a refund from them.

Badly ripped off

I wouldn’t give this dreadful website one star, but I don’t think I can give less than that. Do not touch. They are not speical and nor are the majority of the profiles. I joined as I read a poll for the best UK dating websites. Its comes out high. I cannot understand how. Whoever compiles those polls has got this very wrong. The cancellation process is dreadful. It’s all a trick and the only way they’ll get people to renew. There should be a law against what they do. Do not – I repeat do not use this website under any circumstance. You absolutely won’t find love and will just be badly, badly ripped off.

Total waste of time and money.

Total waste of time and money. All computer generated messages fake. No genuine people here. Just a money extracting website, stay away.

This platform is very disappointing

This platform is very disappointing. Premium membership is a snare for people trying to date online. Frequently receive false likes from all sorts of people. The Android mobile app is buggy and unrefined. The website isn’t much better. Professional robbery.

Negative experience

Too much advertising on YouTube it interrupts every single video, so that just irritates further after my negative experience. I downloaded it last year and it kept showing me matches in other countries when I put the settings within 20km.

Hopeless app

Hopeless app. Account deleted for no good reasons. Request for help fell on deaf ears. Each attempt to create a new account – I am a genuine guy, not a pervert or scammer – was also blocked and deleted within a few hours.

Fake matches

Fake matches who are too good to be true and you don’t hear from them anyway or they ghost you. Fake matches who are trying to rip you off. Don’t waste you’re time or money.

It has fake profiles

Like many other sites, it has fake profiles. DON’T give them money. You can also turn on your money. You will never get value on this site. Complete detachment.

I think it is bull

I think it is bull that you have to buy coins when you have paid for the membership. I stated to meet within a 50 mile radius and it would show members all over the country and the ones furthest away

Overall its a great

Overall its a great means to find the perfect fit for you.

Totally despicable

Totally despicable and dishonest site !!!

Seems like a waste of time

Seems like a waste of time – and potentially a waste of money too.

Totally despicable

Totally despicable and dishonest site !!!

Worst dating site EVER

Worst dating site EVER. Full of FAKE Profiles. Profiles manipulate their location, say they are in your city only to view their pic with them advertising a phone # from another country.

Thank you I've found the one

Thank you I’ve found the one, my best friend! The connection between us is electric, I never thought this would happen! He is the man I’ve been looking for my entire life! These are the first days of the rest of our lives!

I would recommend this site

Great dating site I met my partner on here. Easy to use and navigate. I would recommend this site, it is safe and a friendly environment. It was in expensive and could in subscribe when I wanted.

I found the girl of my dreams

I think overall was stoked with the results so far. I went out on a few dates and had a good time hooking up with some cool people. So far can’t say that I found the girl of my dreams yet but I am just not really looking for that now anyway. I’m using their app on my cellphone and it’s fast and there always fresh faces to rate and people to chat with.

I recommended

I recommended, you may try this !

Worked for me

The personality matching seemed to work very well and helped me to find a perfect partner with whom I have a wonderful relationship.

Would recommend it to others

Good site, easy to use, the verification tool is a good idea, most members seem genuine. I met someone great, would recommend it to others 🙂

It is just the beginning

I have met a charming, affectionate, caring and attentive gentleman on this site. It is just the beginning, but God willing, I am looking forward to a life long journey with her.

I searched on google

I searched on google . My expectations were good although a lot of ladies have been emotionally hurt and wary . The sign up was easy and the navigation around the site very good .

Great site and trustworthy

Great site and trustworthy

I met this amazing woman

I met this amazing woman. We are a perfect fit and been together for the last 5 months. Love every day spending with her.

Totally new experience for me

Joining online dating website was a totally new experience for me.

Great site

Great site i found exactly what i joined to find… a soulmate.

Online dating is unique phenomenon.

Distance and incredible women’s beauty force you to rediscovery your own abilities. Sometimes when i am chatting with girls, I discover an artist inside myself. Girls inspired me. Online dating is unique phenomenon.

Fast way to meet people

I think this is a fast way to meet people. However, I do not like the fact that people can see when you review their profile. I also do not like that you can see when someone comes on line.

Very good experience for dating site.

Very good experience for dating site. I would use it again.Hope everyone has the same experience. I wish everyone luck in their search. Everyone was nice and pleasant to talk to. Not like other sites where all they are looking for one thing.

Keep up the outstanding service.

This site has changed my lifestyle 100% for the better, thanks for eliminating the time consuming courtship rituals and focusing on the more sought after prerequisites in most relationships. Keep up the outstanding service.

Really sucked!

Wow! Most of the men I chatted with were married and looking for a side piece. Really sucked! Finally I met someone and dated for a month found out all he wanted was sex. So many games… Would not have expected this

They were scammers

The first 3 men that contacted me were not real people. They were scammers. After 2 emails there is a pattern. Their spelling is poor and they ask for your email address immediately. All three had telephone area code 437, coincidence? I don’t think so.

Don't waste your time.

Don’t waste your time.

please don't use EliteSingles

please don’t use EliteSingles it’s the worst dating app ever and they don’t take responsibility for anything

Complete waste of time

Yeah if you’re are looking for a complete waste of time???…try EliteSingles, the girls on there love to go out on dates

BEWARE for Elitesingles

BEWARE: This company has at least three successful court orders against it. Elite Singles has not paid its court-ordered penalty to these former clients and hides behind at least two different email addresses and umpteen street addresses all over Canada. Also owns Lifemates… which, no surprise… seems to have disappeared.

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