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What Makes Us Feel in Love?

The state of being Feel in Love is explained in many ways. Psychologists look for reasons why we are inclined to bond with this and not another person in childhood experiences. Scientists leave no doubt that the euphoric state associated with falling in love is clearly attributed to chemical reactions in the body that affect the brain. What does a person in love feel? What does she think makes this “It”? TripTogether This question was answered by 1400 of our users looking for a partner in the network. We also advise what mistakes not to make at the beginning of the relationship.

There are Many Theories About Falling in Love.

Scientists emphasize the action of the limbic system, which is the part of our brain that is responsible for feelings. The prefrontal cortex analyzes all the information that goes to the limbic system – it tries to assess whether a given person is suitable for us. However, most lovers do not listen to these signals and consider the positive emotions associated with falling in love to be the best predictor of the success of a relationship. Above all, however, a person in love is not able to attribute emotions that he feels only a chemical reaction or, for example, to the empirical theory of pairing people.

When we remember the beginnings of our relationships, we say that we were charmed by the smile of our partner, his spontaneity or his views. Undeniably, falling in love is determined by many factors that we perceive on a conscious and unconscious level. What does a person in love consider to be the cause of love? Our 1,400 users answered the question ‘When do you feel like this is’ This ‘?’ 25% of people in love cannot stop thinking about their partner and they consider this to be a decisive factor in

The Feeling of Love.

However, almost half, as many as 48%, seem to think about falling in love in a more rational way – in their opinion, the state of falling in love is determined TripTogether by shared values ​​and an approach to life. 9% of people fall in love with their favorite way of spending their time. Only 2% of people consider themselves in love only when the family accepts their partner.

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However, it should be remembered that regardless of whether it seems to us that we are guided in our choices by the heart or mind, the state of infatuation is the so-called attractiveness phase. If we want a chance for a lasting relationship, we should be aware of the stages of acquaintance and not skip over any of them. The attractiveness phase is the state of infatuation when we do not see the faults of the other person, but we also try to present the best side. The first phase lasts up to 3 weeks, depending on the frequency of meetings, of course. It is immediately followed by the verification phase.

Grzegorz Kordek, an expert on male-female relations. Explains it as “even if it seems to us, that we will meet someone. Because he or she has similar life goals, it is during the verification phase. That we try to find out if it is really so or if we have only adjusted. The person to our ideas. In this phase, we verify our emotions and feelings. From the attractiveness phase and ask ourselves. Whether this person is close to us, or whether he really has the qualities with which he charmed us ”. The next phase is the exclusivity phase. So when we officially become a couple, we are committed to each other.

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This phase ends the search phase. The final phase is the intimacy that builds up between the partners. One of the most common reasons for breakups is that people are in different phases, e.g. The man is in the exclusive phase and the woman is still in the verification phase and makes sure. That she would like to meet the person. A ready recipe to destroy the potential of the relationship. Before it really starts, there are phases to be skip. E.g. going straight to the intimacy or exclusivity phase. All phases are necessary for us to get to know each other. Learn each other, but also give ourselves. Time to look at a potential partner more objectively.

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