Posted On : August 1, 2019

Fellows, we specialize in tracking fake and scam websites…. THIS ONE IS A BIG SCAM !!! stay way from this site. I wasted $ 100+ USD just with 2 chats in 10 minutes by looking at their pictures and videos they sent me thru the chat… as someone here said , I have tried many times to ask them to continue the chat via skype and Whatsapp and email and eventhough I was getting invited to fly to their countries to meet they would not once reply to the simple offer of meeting on another system that is not legally steeling our money. Its sad that these companies can get away with this and even have the balls to answer each reviews here always with a good excuse and answer…. Guys, if it looks like it is too good to be true IT IS!!! all those profiles were paid models photographed by proffessionels and Photoshop for their profiles…. the hot women you think you’re chating with is in fact someone in Nigeria or Columbia ( most likely a dude) and yes that person is getting paid for every dollars you are spending… Don’t you find that weird that 99% of profiles are in their 20s and many don’t look their ages and that their is hardly any huggly women ???? have you seen any other sites that are ligit that don’t have overweight and huggly women profiles !!!! Use your head and go take a walk before you burn your money with this scam site … we will make it our priority to make as much publicity to expose this website and will not stop here… please join us in this fight and spred the word everywhere you can to help guys who fall for these scams. Thanks


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