Bumble.com is Completely Scam

Posted On : July 13, 2019

I recently downloaded bumble and at first I thought it was alright but then I noticed that they kept deleting my pictures. Here’s the thing, the picture I was posting was of me, (a fit, slim woman) in a completely appropriate sized bathing suit WITH a neon fishnet suit cover/dress covering it. Now I dont even have huge breats whatsoever, if anything I’m small in all departments and the picture was candid, not trying to enhance any of my body at all but a cute picture nonetheless. So they keep deleting it. I find this to be ridiculous as I’m swiping through countless photos of women in tiny bikinis, tiny gym outfits and their breasts pushed up to their chin. Also almost EVERY man has a shirtless gym picture or bathing suit picture. So how is this fair, bumble? How is this not sexist? Because I’m attractive so the picture looks good?. I would love an answer. Otherwise I give this site the lowest rating possible and I do not recommend using it if you’re a woman who is proud of their body. Goodbye to attractive women on bumble means goodbye to MOST men. Get your policy in order or make sure its equal for both men and women of all sizes.


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