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Dating.com One of the most baffling pieces of internet dating is the point at which you’re not completely certain about what you need. Assuming you know the specific specialty, the specific kind of relationship, and the specific area of singles you need to meet amazing. On the off chance that not, you’re stuck shuffling different dating destinations to attempt to track down something that works for you.

As a general rule, this is senseless. Dating.com Coming into web based dating with a receptive outlook checks out. Fortunately, Dating.com figures out this and is an invited option to the niches-down, laser-zeroed in choice as of now available.

Our Dating.com survey uncovered a site that takes care of various kinds or connections, singles from various specialties, and, surprisingly, a worldwide style with the capacity to meet singles locally or universally.

Yet, is it worth your time? Does it follow through on that commitment? Remain tuned for our Dating.com survey as we assist with addressing those questions for the last time.


Dating.com – The Bottom Line Up Front

Perhaps of the coolest thing that stood apart to us about Dating.com was its really worldwide energy. At the point when you initial sign into your record and set your area, you’ll see a sound blend of singles from your city yet in addition from everywhere the world!

On the off chance that you’re searching for a wide assortment, you’ll cherish this. Furthermore, in the event that you’re just searching for individuals near and dear, you can get that also by setting your pursuit boundaries. Having that adaptability in the two directions is simply great.

The application likewise has some live video capabilities where clients can transfer themselves with a discussion channel (called communicates), which is extraordinary (to some degree in the tomfoolery and clean domain). The site likewise works on a credit-type framework, which is somewhat not quite the same as the customary membership model, which is decent so you can spend where you need to visit, read messages, send gifts, and that’s just the beginning.



  • com has a really large and wide-spanning user base.
  • You can get a Dating.com app for Android or IOS.
  • There are some interesting profile features we haven’t seen before.


  • com is moderately more expensive to use than other dating apps.
  • The platform has a bit of an issue with fake profiles.
  • The features available on the free profile are highly limited.

Dating.com Features Overview

Dating.com isn’t especially immersed with highlights. In any case, this will in general be gainful to their installment framework, which includes using credits for activities. You would have no desire to need to pay for twelve extra highlights, so they keep the stage a piece moderate.

Try not to give that fool you access to thinking Dating.com doesn’t bring anything to the table!

We found a couple of more modest elements that we truly appreciate!


Today I’m

With regards to dating applications that length relaxed and serious dating, we realize that search settings have a significant effect. While the breakdown of quest channels for the actual singles are essential, we truly like the settings in regards to what you’re searching for.

Assuming your dating objectives will quite often change in light of your temperament, you don’t have to bounce into your settings and change your whole profile. You can switch between your goals right on the hunt page with the “today I’m” channel.

You can change the slider to pick whether you are searching for a friend through correspondence, searching for something serious, feeling a piece coy, feeling underhanded, or looking for sentiment. This limits your hunt down to others feeling the same way, which makes the outcomes a great deal more important!


Video Talk

You could think having video talk usefulness is an easy decision for current dating, yet you would be stunned the number of stages that offer no such component! Dating.com realizes that gathering over video visit is the most effective way to guarantee you have a genuine individual on the opposite finish of the computerized line.

Coordinated video talk is superior to changing to Skype or another application for visiting since you can keep your own contact data out of the hands of outsiders.


Sending presents to your matches is a pleasant method for overcoming any barrier between computerized sentiment and true connections. You can spend your credits on gifts accessible in the “presents” part of the site and pick one to send straightforwardly to the doorstep of your match.

Truth be told, these aren’t advanced gifts. These are things that appear, in actuality, for your match. The things differ in light of what Dating.com has accessible, however they can go from roses to little gift things and even chocolates or different treats.


Global Dating

This isn’t exactly a publicized element, yet it is most certainly an advantage. With Dating.com being accessible in such countless nations, it makes for an extraordinary spot to meet individuals from different nations, whether you are searching for sentiment or simply a friend through correspondence. We particularly love this element for those heading out to unfamiliar regions and requiring nearby companions to assist them with adjusting.

The Quality of Singles at Dating.com

There are some really great people on Dating.com. But finding them can often require wading through a lot of fake profiles. The lack of a required verification system does make sign up. A lot more convenient, but the payment for that comes in the form of an overwhelming number of catfish, bots, and other fake accounts.

It is important to use the video chatting feature to help ensure you are talking to a real person. And always remember to follow. Safe online dating practices when using a site like Dating.com.


How to Sign Up at Dating.com

Sign up is super fast and simple. Begin by providing an email and password along with basic information about your gender, target gender, and date of birth.

After you have entered your basic information you will be given the opportunity to choose your preferences, create a profile bio, and more. However, you can choose to skip through these options and complete them later.

You will also need to confirm your email address, so be certain to provide an email to which you have current access!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you are going to choose a free or paid dating service of a dating site, you first need to know a few things about the same. Thus, you shouldn’t forget going through frequently asked questions. So, let’s check out a few FAQs of this dating site.

Can I enjoy live video chat or video calling at dating.com?

Of course, you can easily enjoy direct messaging, live chat and video call facility at dating.com website. But for this, you need to go with a paid premium dating service.

Do I need to pay a fixed charge as dating membership fee?

No, you don’t need to pay a fixed charge as a dating membership fee. Instead, you need to pay for dating service that you may use while dating online.

Can I find real profiles of men and women online for dating?

Dating.com is known for providing lots of profiles of real men and women online for dating.

How to recognize a fake dating profile?

Go through the profile, personal and other details of your chosen member online. You may also avoid going with a free member.


Website: https://www.dating.com

Phone Number: +1 (888) 980-9770

Address: 589 8th Avenue New York,
NY, United States

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This site is a complete scam

This site is a complete scam. They put up local women and beautiful ladies. They keep asking guestions to keep you led on so you pay more money. These women are supposed to be local, but have absolutely no idea about anything in the town there supposed to live in. Don’t get suckered into the site. It’s a big Scam and should be investigated and criminal charges should be brought up against these scammers..

All fake profiles

All fake profiles, the girls you swipe appears multiple time, very limited profiles, Offers you to buy subscription to provide you extra profiles, Each and every Girl who msg me asking for money for providing adult stuff, Full of scammers, high data consumption

This site has no security

This site has no security, there are so many fake profiles and scammers. I personally was scammed 4 times on this site. When they are going to Europe for business and need money, RED FLAGS. I’ve never had so many issues with hacking my profile, trying to get my credit card number. But the scariest is when you are stalked, police have to be called and Our Time does nothing because it’s against their policy. Never, ever ever again!!!!

What a waste of both time and money

I subscribed for 1 month. I hid my profile after 2 weeks. Full of fake profiles and expired profiles. This site fills your inbox with bogus emails throughout the day. Pop ups constantly push you to buy further services. Their app is basic and not user friendly. 100s of men without smiles and you wonder if they even showered. Profiles lacked even basic information. My matches were never per my criteria!!!! Too many aged below 50. Search continually showed the same men. What a waste of both time and money.

Terrible Do not be fooled

They do not provide quality people on the site. There are a lot of fake scammers on the site. When I block people they again appear as candidates. That is crazy. When I asked them for a refund they said no. – Terrible Do not be fooled.

They have auto email responses

They have auto email responses. Not a real person to help answer your questions. They don’t check very thouroughly because someone hacked my info and set up shop on this website.

This site is a complete rip off

This site is a complete rip off and there was absolutely nothing special about the platform or the matches. Many employ profiles, was unable to control the distance (minimum is 50 miles!). Customer service refused to address my concerns and instead just kept sending me useless advice, such as I should ask matches to upload photos! I don’t think so.

Can’t delete your profile

DO not use this site. First time I have ever used one of these sites. I wonder if it’s all a scam. There is no contact number for customer service. I joined for 6 months. Then at a minute past midnight after the 6 month deadline, they tried to take 227 euro for a year’s fee without any warning. Fortunately my bank stopped it. It prevents you cancelling your subscription on the site even though there is a cancel button. It suggests you use a contact form – couldn’t find one and you can’t delete your profile without contacting customer service. Of course nobody has been on dates under the current circumstances so we should really be getting a refund but these guys are just scammers.

Soo many fake profiles

Soo many fake profiles, horrible horrible, Cant believe this is legal, do not buy a subscription, its a scam. I did, got hundreds of fake msg not one response from any of them, computer generated messages, always the same messages. Unbelievable unbelievable, need a class action lawsuit and shut them down!

So many fakes

So many fakes, scammers and catfish on this site! Not to mention this site want you to pay for a membership so in their wisdom they heavily restrict what you can use for free. Not sure how that inspires me to want to buy a membership!

I was blocked

Never been blocked on a dating app until I tried this site, less than a week after I subscribed and I was blocked (for being fake). This app is not moderated well. I emailed customer services but the reply looked fully automatic! I’ve deleted and subscribed with hinge & happn, where they don’t block their customers. It is okay if you don’t subscribe but if you do pay a subscription you’re going to be blocked in a few days time, for made-up reasons.

Fraudulent company - BEWARE

Fraudulent company – BEWARE. They set payments to recurring without your consent. Refuse refunds and ignore requests for them to stop taking your money. DO NOT GO PREMIUM ON THIS APP. WILL COST YOU HUNDREDS OF POUNDS!

Very poor

Very poor quality matches and locked into contracts . I’ve never had a dating app refuse to cancel your subscription when you are not happy with their service. They’re custom service is appalling and just an tells you to “ widen your search area “ . I would not advise anyone to use this service. You are wasting your money and time .


Complexity alone is useless and you simply don’t waste your money for nothing.

It was fine

It was fine. Messed a lot of people, several replied, met a few in person, found some one i like and going to see where it goes. So all in all it was whatever. Fine i guess. Although i dont think you need a reason to leave, it should allow you leave but anyway good bye.

Some rude

Most of my interactions were pleasant, some rude. The site should show people closest in distance as opposed to those who live very far away.

Stay a way it is a scam

Stay a way it is a scam

Terrible in all regards

Terrible in all regards, up charges , no phone number, freezes my new iPad, sucks on selection, etc

Total scam

Total scam, get a million views that mean nothing. You get a message and talk back you get nothing and the conversation disappears

Both were scammers

Unfortunately for me, I had very sad situations. Both were scammers.

Nice to find happiness

Was on a few sites And Its seemed to be more active with matches and carousel options. My new love was only on a couple of days on this site and it wasn’t long after we first met that we realised we matched up really well. Nice to find happiness with a intelligent and attractive match.

All worked well

I found your dating site easy to navigate and use there are how ever a few problems like most sites you get the fakes which was a problem and people who are not what they say they are and the money hunters, but in general all worked well.

I got a lot of views

Just browsing, nothing in particular, but when I joined I got a lot of views and had good selection to choose from. I then chatted with a few then connected with some and then choose one that drew my attention.

I am very happy with this site

I am very happy with this site therefore I always return there if I have been away so I can definitely recommend the site.

Yes the site was great

Yes the site was great for meeting women and I enjoyed getting to meet a lot of different ladies on the way

Safe environment

Clearly defined stages of communication in what felt like a safe environment that helps you build a picture & make an informed decision on whether to take things further by exchanging contact details

I found it very easy

I found it very easy to set up my online profile and there were plenty of ways to describe myself, my values and interests through my profile and prompted questions.

Positive experience

I don’t like dating web sites but this website help me find the love of my life. I did have to block some of the users because of the nature of their requests but other than that it was a positive experience

Easy to use

Easy to use and suited my personal circumstances at that time. The effort in responding to the questions, and completing the profile, is so worthwhile as through this site I met, and now engaged to, a wonderful, lovely lady, and looking forward to a fantastic shared future together.

Best experience of using it.

It was really best site for dating. I am using it and its really good to find people who are looking for serious kind of relations best dating site i can say. Best experience of using it.

They provides many helpful safety tips

They provides many helpful safety tips to ensure users have a pleasant experience and use good judgment while mingling online. These dating experts encourage users to always meet in public, go at their own pace, and trust their instincts.

Easy to use.

Easy to use. I found the woman of my dreams. We are so happy together. We do things together and we enjoy each other’s company.

This is a great site for meeting women

This is a great site for meeting women. There are scammers (like anywhere nowadays) but I met someone right away. After 4 months, we’re still going strong!

It is worth it in the end!

Keep looking it may take a little while but it is worth it in the end! I was skeptical at first but I continued looking online and met someone in my hometown that I would have not met any other way!

I am impressed

I am impressed with this site! Girls are real…I like the conversation. Cant find my one and only…but still dont give up on doing that! Thanks a lot!!!

Thank You for caring

This is the best and the most advised site I have ever joined. This is the first time I have ever felt safe to actually date on-line. Thank You for caring and being so careful.

Very disappointed.

I am new to the area that I live and trying to find people around me. Even though I continually try to make my range settings smaller and smaller it doesn’t change a thing. I still get people from hours away. Also, unless you pay for premium services they don’t show everyone in your area. Very disappointed.

Not worth it!

I was inundated with scam requests and decided it wasn’t worth it. I unsubscribed and deleted my account. They charged me the following month and didn’t delete my account. Not worth it!

Consider it as scam

This is bull**** and scam after scam , they will say they are new in town, they need money and bla bla , whenever money is involved just remember this is scam , no matter if the other person about to die , don’t give a cent, consider it as scam


Avoid and commit to life as a singleton, it’s a lot less hassle than trying to meet someone thro Dating.com!!

Dont waste your time.

Dont waste your time.


Fellows, we specialize in tracking fake and scam websites…. THIS ONE IS A BIG SCAM !!! stay way from this site. I wasted $ 100+ USD just with 2 chats in 10 minutes by looking at their pictures and videos they sent me thru the chat… as someone here said , I have tried many times to ask them to continue the chat via skype and Whatsapp and email and eventhough I was getting invited to fly to their countries to meet they would not once reply to the simple offer of meeting on another system that is not legally steeling our money. Its sad that these companies can get away with this and even have the balls to answer each reviews here always with a good excuse and answer…. Guys, if it looks like it is too good to be true IT IS!!! all those profiles were paid models photographed by proffessionels and Photoshop for their profiles…. the hot women you think you’re chating with is in fact someone in Nigeria or Columbia ( most likely a dude) and yes that person is getting paid for every dollars you are spending… Don’t you find that weird that 99% of profiles are in their 20s and many don’t look their ages and that their is hardly any huggly women ???? have you seen any other sites that are ligit that don’t have overweight and huggly women profiles !!!! Use your head and go take a walk before you burn your money with this scam site … we will make it our priority to make as much publicity to expose this website and will not stop here… please join us in this fight and spred the word everywhere you can to help guys who fall for these scams. Thanks

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