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Datemyage.com You were inaccurate would it be advisable for you thought web dating frameworks are only for youthful grown-ups searching for agreeable cooperation, and satisfying youthful grown-ups like them. In any case, they may not be the genuine just genuine kinds of dating locales.

Practically all web based dating administrations are to be sure for people of more youthful ages, yet that doesn’t mean more established individuals are totally set to the side. The uplifting news is, some internet dating locales explicitly center around their own social necessities.

One specific program is truly Datemyage.com, tip top dating site, and as far it truly is in regards to the overall nature of administration in regards to area, they are doing perfect. One of a few justification for its life could be the particular distinction. You can track down people (basically through the chronological age of 40) exactly who could be experiencing difficulty acquiring back around internet dating since they’ve passed the “popular age.”



Satisfies that age hole, giving on-line associations and matches for old and seniors who need to meet others. It had significant accomplishments to show for the endeavors. DateMyAge gives a significant individual base (600,000 shoppers come from America without anyone else), and it likewise helps at a fast speed – around 115,000 new enrolled clients every month.

The extent of male individuals to ladylike clients is genuinely adjusted, with folks comprising 58percent of individual base, while the rest 42percent will generally be female.

One particularly fascinating subtlety could be the age flow on Datemyage.com For a site that states be particularly for more established individuals, a ton of the shoppers are between your ages of 18 and 34. In the potential gain, it will be something vital for all. The prior clients show up at meet more energetic individuals as well as the other way around.

How could DateMyAge function?

DateMyAge may be for more established individuals, in any case stays authentic into the standards of a web relationship by age site. This implies that clients might utilize it to talk and show satisfied with individuals they oblige.

Typically, the functioning stage would propose you suits predicated on your own expressed decisions alongside different interests. Besides, there plainly was an informing reason to sit down for a brief moment to talk with them, precisely like you would in a social news stage.

You can connect on an individual’s show name to take a gander at his/her record subtleties. As often as possible, you can find attributes including the progress in years, name, Datemyage.com host to home as well as other individual tips (would it be advisable for them they decide to incorporate it). Starting there, you can choose to “convey a thoroughly free message” utilizing the switch that has the interest expounded on it.


The functioning stage accompanies a channel program when you have an undeniably more unambiguous individual arranged. It tends to be tuned thinking about other options, position, and even identity so you find someone that accommodates your own data impeccably.

All in all, DateMyAge.com handles like a certifiable Datemyage.com dating site ought to, however it feels somewhat more like a myspace and facebook. Genuinely a respectable result, since it accomplishes the objective of producing a stage for old and prior people to collaborate socially to track down a relationship.

Enrollment  could it be very straightforward?

Enrollment on a Datemyage.com dating site is normally misjudged. Actually a strategy which ought to be very basic on a stage, and when it isn’t, it makes a difference against the site such a long ways as usefulness can be involved.

Thank heavens, DateMyAge can make the enlistment as basic and direct as possible. As a beginning, the stage puts the enrollment type in a subtle spot where truth be told the client can rapidly reach. It needs one to recognize the orientation subsequently the sex of the singular you might jump at the chance to thusly meet.

Subsequently, you want to give a utilitarian current email address and foster another secret word. You’ll complete the system by scratching from the “Meet 45+ Singles” quick.

Another choice you want to use to enroll is your Google profile. It truly is protected, and DateMyAge doesn’t object alongside your subtleties.



Today, the second stage for Datemyage.com the membership strategy kicks in. You’ll see a computerized kind that will go about as some kind of character assessment to discover getting you a brilliant match. The appropriate execution contains 13 unique distinction questions, along with replies to them will be saved and used later on while uncovering you potential suits.

That piece of the membership system is truly private, truly from extra individuals. At the point when you wrap up using the structure, you’ll have the option to look at complete realities about your own actual appearance, name, close by ways of behaving.

Conceivable select “pass” after you have finished the Datemyage.com ventures, and a spring up message would appear saying regardless of whether your own enlistment works. Assuming its beneficial, you’ll look at the profile. Or something bad might happen, you ought to check exactly what field you left and need to return.

And style and convenience?: Datemyage.com

all through the idea front side, DateMyAge.com has no extensive deficiencies. The web webpage is sold with functionalities your client can interface with, which comprise an impressive a piece of the complete arrangement information.

These are the qualities, the login/information exchange source of inspiration is situated at the best a part of the site. When you sign in, you can see an aggregation of photos in regards to Datemyage.com the site, as well as different components that empower the clients to communicate with others.

You can participate in recordings talk by searching for a few others that exist for a video cam simultaneously. Any time you investigate further, you could get “add more choices” under clients’ profile data.


The conspicuous variety on the web website is really white, with sensible usage of pictures. It gives DateMyAge.com site considerably more effortlessness. The usability is fairly excessively. Nonetheless, the site could see dull and level for some buyers.

Generally, the site is satisfying to the eye and is likewise simple to peruse. The way that clients can utilize DateMyAge elements. And administrations on the page (instead of getting. Coordinated to download programs like other dating stages) makes it certainly better. It can likewise help this help enrollment. As individuals have the flexibleness of changing among application and web.

For what reason don’t we discuss profile quality: Datemyage.com

When an individual becomes past the membership interaction, the profile arrangement stage will come straightaway. The profile quality is estimable, especially when contrasted with different other grown-up dating locales’ profiles.

It doesn’t are evaluated at cash create a profile on DateMyAge.com and while delivering it, you simply ought to give profile photos, decisions, and interests.

The photos you give should be visible to a few different purchasers, in a similar way you can see theirs. The interests that appear through to your own profile are the ones you probably gave while during the membership time frame. They in a split second show up, you could then add extra data.

There’s likewise an “About me by and by” segment about profile, which makes supply for creating somewhat more about your self. It’s where you could extensively examine lifetime subtleties such as association record, current/past work, or even lingos you can talk.


Right when you are going along with, you really want to distinguish the sort of individuals you expect to fulfill. As of now, DateMyAge elevates one to finish however many subtleties as you wish in another person. This will empower them to make sense of for you all the more full pages that you’d like in all probability.

Something odd about pages on DateMyAge.com. Would be that it doesn’t push you to recognize. The substantial properties or incredibly private details. When contrasted with other dating locales. It truly is a slight lack, in spite of the fact that client base wouldn’t irritate a lot over that.

The portable application: Datemyage.com

True to form, every one of the elements of DateMyAge.com that are on the site holds to the application structure. The product utilizes the framework much seriously convincing.

Its accessible on Android and iOS. Meaning it would conceivably accomplish a great deal of, while possibly not totally, of the clients. At the point when you consider that they favor utilizing applications. Over programs and destinations, it can seem OK getting an application for dating locales.

Plan wise, the application holds a similarity for the site. Variety plan is essentially as simple as they show up. The sign-in/information exchange action can similar to the objectives on the web. In light of the additional capacity to combine with your Facebook enrollment. Assuming you decide to sign in alongside your Twitter or Bing account. The product goes to some other site page. Where you complete the marking in.

As it is an application, its considerably more responsive and shows improvement over the web webpage. Furthermore, it exploits added equipment like the GPS for a by and large much better information.

The application is for nothing, however’ve to get a bought in client to savor every one of the elements.

With everything taken into account, the cell programming generally has no issues, uniquely when considered with all the web webpage. DateMyAge has become in a situation to keep up with the design predictable including the two sources. Estimably, credits are comparable simultaneously. Thus, individuals would partake in the prospect of having the option to switch sources. (work area/portable) regardless keep what they’re performing.

Security and security – Datemyage.com

A dating web website for old individuals should get information security. As a matter of fact in the event that it desires to procure. The rely upon of its clients. While they might not have any desire to know in regards to it in more detail. Clients need to have the affirmation. That anything they’ve chosen to give. The functioning stage doesn’t get risked.

Of course, which only one single method for seeing data security on web dating destinations. One more piece of data security is really client assurance. It is at whatever point framework endeavors to safeguard.




Can I enjoy dating online for free joining this dating site?

Yes you can, provided that you are supported by paid members.

Do I need to provide my real information on this dating site?

However, you may hide your real information, but it is advised that you should provide your real information in order to grab better reach.

Which is the best option – free or paid membership?

Of course, paid membership is a great option as it leads you for unveiling premium dating features.

Can I find singles of my choice for dating online?

Yes, datemyage dating site is devoted to singles. Whether you are looking for men or women for dating online, you can easily find out plenty of singles on the internet.

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Don't fall for it

All the pictures are fake no one is really in your area. All they want is your money. Don’t fall for it.

This app is a scam

This app is a scam. There is probably somebody paid to respond to your chats….. I wasted a lot of money talking to a girl, and I mean A LOT… I had a bad feeling about it… but I was so engaged in the conversation and overwhelmed with emotion to turn away…. I thought “hey it’s normal to want to just chat on the site for awhile, I’ll just give it some time…. ” that “time” just doesn’t end…… This scam was probably the most disappointing ordeal I’ve had in the longest time, if not ever. Hearts are not to be played with.

This is the worst dating site

This is the worst dating site. They ignore your location and send you matches from various other states. You will get messages that you have many reviews. They are not there. There are members photos on this site from years ago. I know this for a fact because I was on this site in 2018 and met a guy. When I went back on this site his profile came up. Same one same pic from 2018 and I know he is and has been in a good relationship. So DON’T DO IT. It’s too expensive for what you get and the men are mostly just surfing and not seriously looking.

A total ripoff

Several prospective ‘matches’ were scammers. But the worst part is that the site TOTALLY ignores customer preferences in terms of age, ethnicity, geographic location, etc. They send phony email alerts re: “flirts”, etc., but when you go to your page on site to check, they don’t exist. I would not use this again even if it was free. When I called the company to complain re lack of adherence to stated preferences i.e., age, education, etc., was told “we can’t match everything.” And some preferences they don’t allow you to change once profile is set up. They also send the same matches over and over. Guess they’re at a loss for new members. A total ripoff and a major waste of time.

It's pointless

This site is the worst I have seen so far for mature singles. Very few people, communication is not great, their suggestions are from other provinces and even in the US. I’m going to cancel without even finishing out my subscription, it’s pointless.

I won't recommend this to anyone

Not good. I won’t recommend this to anyone. They’re just good with collecting your money. But not willing to help.

They are all fake

Most of the “men” on here are false. I constantly get emails from this site that they are investigating someone or I am in contact and it is always I am not on this site alot send me your phone, number, I am writing for a friend, my membership is up tomorrow. They are all fake. It is a waste of your time and money

This company is a complete scam

This company is a complete scam – a business model built upon auto-renewals at a high price. Which they steadfastly refuse to make easy to cancel.


If I could give no stars I would. This garbage site is perhaps the worst site I have come across. The biggest issue are the fact that I could not find 1 real person despite the fact that I was searching in the major Canadian city where I lived. I aggressively sent out messages to the women and got many responses. The majority could not answer the question of what neighborhood they lived in. When you repeated the question they just continually responded by saying the city only. The ones that wanted to chat offsite were also scammers that wanted you to sign up for another site before you could meet. The entire experience was a total waste of time. TOTAL SCAM!

Lots of overseas scammers

Have been on the site for about 18 months. Seems to be increasingly attracting romance scammers or polyamourists/ non monogamists. Few others who are genuine. Lots of overseas scammers pretending to be locals.

It’s a con

Don’t purchase on this site it’s a rip off there are no matches they I give you in with their adverts but no matches/nobody real on the site it’s a scam. Don’t waste your money it’s a con

Extortionate app

This app gives you no matches. Apparently over 50 people like me. Why am I not getting any matches then? Why is it not showing these people and letting me swipe on them? Just a scam to get you to pay for the extortionate app.

Biggest waste of money

Got a subscription for what i though was a month was labeled a month but no it was entire year contract. Biggest waste of money and there wasnt even anyone in my area.


If you are seriously looking for someone to “Run Forest Run” from this dating site! All the negative things I’ve written before are true; mystery how the government has not closed this page? Do I compare it to the Nigerian “Barrister” scam who want money?

There are a lot of ppl

There are a lot of ppl on this site, better than most. But we also pay one of the highest premiums. I don’t think it’s right to have to purchase coins to do many things! Because of this, if things don’t work out with him, I’ll look at other sites.

Was a little disappointed

Good site… Was a little disappointed when I went on to read the conversation that I initially had with my now boyfriend (I was going to copy it and make a photo album for him for Christmas) and it had been deleted… Not by me tho:’-(… That was something special to us… This site got us connected and we wanted those memories 🙁

Lot of scammers

I was optimistic when I signed on to the site, I was on another site and got lots of scammers, so I was hoping this site was different. I have had a couple of dates from this site, but for the most part I seem to get a lot of scammers.

Do not trust this

Do not trust this so called dating site its just there to take your money as I said it should not be in operation!

Filled with fake profiles

Blocked me on facebook and customer service refuses to even answer me now. Filled with fake profiles to “like you” so you will sign up and never hear from them.

Very fake e-mails

Very fake e-mails from robot women. What a joke! I paid real money to communicate with fake profiles. I contacted the BBB for my money back. The problem was solved satisfactory. Thank you Better Business Bureau.

Huge waste of time

I realized after not receiving response from local women that Datemyage is keeping up profiles of members who are not currently subscribed, which is not only a huge waste of time it’s bad for morale when no one responds.

Datemyage was even worse

Poorly designed, did not have high expectations to begin with but Datemyage was even worse that anticipated. Only got replies from apparent scammers. I would not be back on any dating site but except for the pandemic. Altogether not a pleasant experience.

Datemyage.com is the worst dating site

Datemyage.com is the worst dating site I have encountered. Lots of people on there so they are making lots of money, but don’t deserve it. If you click on links, you don’t get the right person. If you try to communicate, you are asked to spend more money even as a subscriber. A rip off designed to fleece users desperate to meet people. Not recommended! Stay away.

Do not waste your money on Datemyage site

Do not waste your money on Datemyage site. Its absolutely crap. I better find a decent woman elsewhere, this website is just grabbing your money, destroying lives and what ever else they are doing. Preying on others, shame on you.

Datemyage app is awful!

Datemyage app is awful! It used be great but you have fake people and you get genders that you don’t want. You have to go through each profile you can’t just see all the profiles. Datemyage changed that feature not sure why.

Peoples are interesting on Datemyage

People on Datemyage.com tend to be more interesting, more entertaining and better to talk to than on most other dating sites I’ve seen. Plus the personality tests etc are a reason to browse, even if you’re not single!

Thanks to Datemyage.com

This amazing lady contacted me and we hit it off immediately. There really are women out there that are looking for a real relationship and, thanks to Datemyage.com, we connected.

Datemyage is a really fun

Like any other site. you gotta run into some bad apples before you find the one. Datemyage is a really fun way to meet new friends and maybe even find the one you can never let go. big thank you to Datemyage.com.

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